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Bringing a new puppy into our home is one of the most exciting things we can do as a dog lover. We look forward to taking them for a walk, cuddling, taking them to puppy training, and maybe other activities. However, one of the most common aspects of puppy guardianship that is often overlooked is grooming.


Grooming for many dogs is essential but can also be a rewarding bonding time for you and your dog, but it needs to be introduced gently to ensure a grooming confident dog. Teaching your new puppy to be calm and confident whilst being groomed will be one of the most important life skills you can teach them especially if your puppy is a breed that is going to need professional grooming in a salon. As well as introducing grooming care in the home, you will also need to prepare your puppy for all the different aspects of grooming encountered in the grooming salon. This will allow the groomer to be able to groom your dog in a calm manner and achieve a more aesthetically pleasing finish.


This book will take you through why grooming is important, each of the grooming aspects and how you can introduce them at home to achieve a calm, confident dog for the whole grooming process.

Introducing your Puppy to Grrr-less Grooming: Techniques for a calmer grooming e

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