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This book has been written in response to the many guardians I hear struggling to groom their dogs. I hope that my experiences can offer techniques to help overcome their grooming related issues. I have focussed mainly on brushing and some basic help for clipping claws, with a little discussion around bathing and drying. I use the techniques in this book to achieve positive outcomes and reduce stress for both myself and the dogs I groom as a professional groomer, and with my own dogs. There are many other positive and effective techniques to explore and new methods are evolving all the time.Some basic canine behaviour is included to help you understand your dog. It is so important that we observe when he is anxious, by taking notice of his body language, in order to learn how we can change the way he views being groomed by taking smaller, more manageable steps. This book will expand your dog behaviour toolbox with some wonderfully simple techniques for less stressful grooming. Easy to apply, you will see significant improvements in the behaviour and wellbeing of your dog whilst you are grooming.

Taking the Grrr out of Grooming Your Dog: Trust Based Techniques for a Calmer Gr

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