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Are you struggling with a behaviour problem?

If you're struggling to understand or cope with your dog's behaviours it can be challenging to see a way forward. It is stressful to live with the behaviour but even more stressful knowing your dog is unhappy and you don't know how to help

At Education4Paws we aim to make an assessment of your dog's emotions to identify the underlying cause of the undesirable behaviour. Based on this assessment we will then offer a tailor made plan to help you manage the problem and work to resolve the issue

Issues included within this package may include:

  • Aggression towards people or other animals

  • Barking/reactivity

  • Fears and phobias

  • Anxiety

  • Traffic chasing

  • Separation related problems

  • Repetitive behaviours

boston terrier retrieving frisbee

What is included?

beagle chewing wood chew

Initial Support

  • In person or online behaviour consultation at your home where an assessment of your pets behavioural issues and a tailored plan will be discussed 

  • Written action plan with step by step instructions and video support

  • Liaising with your vet for a collaborative approach. Includes a separate report for your vet’s records.

  • Complementary email and phone support to check progress within an 8 week period

  • 1 x 60 minute follow up visit 3-4 weeks post consult

= Approximately 10 hours of expertise and experience

*Additional costs may incur for appointments after 5pm or on weekendsMileage fees may apply.

Additional Support

  • Additional follow up sessions may be recommended at a cost of £55* or 4 for £210*

  • These could include a catch up to tweak plans or advance training to the next step or even going for a walk to practically apply the training to real life scenarios


*Additional costs may incur for appointments after 5pm or on weekendsMileage fees may apply.

As a pre-certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist registered with the ABTC who works on veterinary referral, this service may be covered by your insurance providers. To find out, check your specific policy with your insurance providers

So how does it work?

Get in touch

Complete the forms

Get in touch with me and let me know what you need help with

Once you have selected your behaviour package you can forward a vet referral form to your vet for completion. You will then be forwarded another form to complete as a family.

Book a date

Once I receive all forms, we can then book in a date for your initial consult!

Why does my vet need to be involved?

All behaviour consultations operate off veterinary referral. This means we require your vet to complete a form and attach your dog's medical history before we can see your dog.

This is to rule out any medical conditions that may be affecting your dog's behaviour as well as opening up the communication between us and your vet should further conversations need to be had.

There is evidence to suggest up to 80% of behaviour cases have an underlying medical component that could be contributing towards their behaviour so it is vital we address this within our initial assessment.

Are you a vet?

Click here to access a veterinary referral form for your client or find out about how I can support your practice

Request a discovery call

Not sure which package to choose? Prefer to have a quick chat? Request a 15 minute call back to discuss your options.

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