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Hi, I'm Alice!

I am a qualified and experienced animal trainer and behaviourist

Mastiff with owner wearing nervous dog jumper
bengal cat with owner

I have always had a keen interest in animal behaviour and welfare. I share my home with my partner Jack, rescue dog Apollo, crazy Bengal cat Nalah and Socks the royal python.

I have been training dogs for the last 10 years, 2 of which were spent rehabilitating rescue dogs in a kennel environment. I have a MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour and am working towards full certification as a Clinical Animal Behaviourist.

Apollo has been my biggest challenge up until now. He came with a whole host of behaviour issues from fear based dog and people reactivity, resource guarding, touch sensitivities, traffic reactivity and a tonne of undiagnosed pain issues. Why is it that dog trainers get the hardest dogs?!? The last 3 years have been beyond hard trying to get him to a point where he has a quality of life.

Therefore, I have first hand experience of what this journey looks like, it's not your fault and I can help you

What can you expect from me?

A non judgemental, honest and supportive service. I want to help you understand your dog's behaviour and strengthen your relationship so that you and your dog can enjoy each other again

What can I expect from you?

Honesty and full disclosure about everything to do with your pet
Commitment and hard work to changing your dog's behaviour


It is never too early or too late, let's start working together! Click here to complete an enquiry form or drop us a message below

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