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Group Classes

Scent Detection Foundation Classes 

Scent detection classes are a great way to build a strong working relationship and harness your dog's natural abilities. Any dog can take part in scentwork and you will be amazed at the science behind odour detection and how your dog's nose works.


In this foundation course we will cover Scent ID (we will be using gun oil to start with), building motivation in searches, scent discrimination and how to build an indication. Your dog will learn to search pots, bags, chairs, novel items and even vehicles!

The course also provides you with handouts and your own starter kit so you can practise at home! £130 for 6 weeks. 

Enquire now for next available dates!

Rapid Recall Class

Have your dog bombing it back to you with this 2 part workshop. Including a toolbox of engagement games and fun ways to build your dog's motivation to stay with you.

Suitable for dogs of any age. Not suitable for dogs who excessively bark at people or other dogs.

£55 for the 2 week course

Saturday 18th May and Saturday 25th May 12:45-1:45 at Beecher Lane Field, Beckingham - FULLY BOOKED

High Achievers Class

Wednesdays 8:15-9:15

Have you attended puppy classes with another trainer before? Have you taken a break from training but want to get back into it?

The High Achievers Class practise a bit of everything. We cover basic and competition obedience exercises, loose lead walking and recall with distraction, desensitisation to vet cones, muzzles, nail clippers, brushes, tricks, skills, impulse control and so much more! A nice all around class to have fun and keep in the swing of training whilst working around distractions!

The course is a rolling course so you pay for 6 week blocks and can continue for as long as you want! £90 per 6 weeks.

IMG_0034 2.JPG
labrador training with treat pouch

121 Training

​Does your dog pull on the lead, ignore you when called or jump up at people?

Perhaps they're a new rescue and you would like to teach some basic obedience and build your relationship?

Maybe a group class environment might just be a bit much for them at this stage?

121 Training can cover any specific behaviours that you need help with

*Additional costs may incur for appointments after 5pm or on weekends. Mileage fees may apply.

Struggling with aggression problems, separation issues or reactivity?
You may be better suited to a behaviour package

Dog Walker
'Alice was able to meet Storm and assess what we wanted as a family and what he needed as a dog. She put me at ease with easy to follow advice in simple steps and her insight is invaluable as she can see things from an outside perspective. Alice is brilliant with the dogs (we have 3), reassures you as an owner and I was able to see results quickly.'
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